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MADEGG (flau/Day Tripper)
京都在住21才。15歳より海の音を録音加工しノイズミュージックの制作を開始、16歳よりMadeggとしての活動を始める。これまでに1000を越える楽曲を制作し、8つのepと、flau, Day Tripperより2枚のfull albumをリリース。国内外の主要メディアから高く評価される。SonarSound Osaka Tokyo 2013両公演に20歳の最年少記録で出演、雨が降る中LFOの裏で大勢の観衆を湧かせた。さらにRyoji Ikeda “supercodex live set” World Premiere at Shibuya WWWのオープニングアクトとして弱冠21歳で異例のライブセットを披露し、アンファンテリブルとささやかれる。ジャンルを超えた実験的かつ独特の音世界が各方面で反響を呼んでいる。グラフィックデザイン・インスタレーション・写真・テキストなどメディアを横断した活動を行っている。

Born on 1992 in Kōchi, Japan and currently residing in Kyōto, Kazumichi Komatsu has been making electronic music since the age of 15. Madegg is his solo project, consisting, so far, of five EPs on Bandcamp that were released over the course of 2011. The production resonates with some of the West Coast’s experimental hip hop, but with a uniquely melancholic quality in its world view, Madegg’s music has been carving out its own niche, steadily garnering attention on the internet. Within the shimmering psychedelia of his deep-sinking beats, Madegg can evoke a startlingly intense presence. As his music freely crosses between dubstep, chillwave, house, beat, drone and noise, he seems to digest each of these styles into his sound while crafting melodies that call back to memories of childhood years. Appropriately so, Madegg has recently been expanding his activities, releasing an EP through an internet label and opening for the Brainfeeder crew last fall. After signing in 2012 with Flau, Madegg’s long awaited debut album is set for release this spring.